Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cat Ears

Since Carolyn's birthday is tomorrow, I'll post cat ears next.

We had some we got at Target with the tail (pictured) two years ago, but when it was time to pack up and leave to go out of town, she couldn't find them. She said they were broken and she'd thrown them away. I said, I took them out of the trash and I was going to fix them. She insisted she tossed them. (We found them just needs one of those hard headbands replacing the broken one.) But, for the time, I needed cat ears, and something non-breakable!

So, in the 30 minutes I had left, I had the 'opportunity' to sew Cat ears from leftover fleece scraps (from the penguin costume). So, this was a hurried project and is less than perfect...and I made it up as I went (unusual for me!) I would make the ears smaller next time...

The Cat Costume:


Black clothes, bought tail (although those are easy to make too) and  face paint if you're into that (we're not). She did not wear those bedroom shoes out the door, although I did make them  - last year, I think? That would be another post...if I feel like it and can remember what I did?

Cut 4 triangles of black fleece (or felt) and 2 triangles of white fleece (felt).


I cut them the same, then trimmed down the white.



Sew the white triangles onto 2 black triangles (topstitch).The bottom was about 6 inches and the top sides about 5"...bigger than I expected in the end. I would make them smaller for a child.

100_8411 Sew each pair of black triangles together with the white (already sewn on) sandwiched between, leaving bottom open. (Yes, I sewed the entire perimeter except for an opening for turning, but this is not necessary and my brain just didn't have the foresight to see this...I was in a hurry!

100_8412  100_8414

Turn right side out.


Pin together elastic in a circle - use a SAFETY PIN!

(I measured my daughter's head to have an idea of how big to make it.)


Try on and re-pin until you get it just right (so it stays on like a headband without slipping):

100_8418 100_8418

Once, you have it right, add 1" for overlap and cut. Stretch the piece along a measuring tape to get an idea of a comfortable stretch amount. (Her elastic was about 17-19" and it stretched easily to 24".) I used 3/4" elastic (I think!), but whatever you would prefer for a headband will work...ok, not 'whatever', I would go with 1/2" or bigger.


Sorry, I got in a hurry and stopped taking pictures for a few minutes!

Cut a piece of fleece this stretched length (24" for me), adding on and inch (ish) for overlap (so, 25"). The piece should be twice the width of your elastic plus 3/4"-1" for seams. (So, 2 x 3/4 = 1.5 + .75 = 2.25 or 2 1/4") This will be the head piece.

With front of cat ears facing fleece, align raw/bottom edges of ears with long raw edge of head piece. Sew 3/8" seam - just where ears are. I have my cat ears touching at the bottom corners.

Open out so that ears are pointing away from head piece (long strip).

Fold long edges of  fleece in 1/4" (press if you like...I just held them in place). Fold piece in half lengthwise, keeping raw edges folded to the inside 1/4". Top stitch along this long side, creating a casing for the elastic. Insert elastic. (Be care to hold on to that first end!)

100_8421 100_8422

Pull two ends of elastic together. Overlap elastic 1/2" or more if you like. and stitch it together well - your kid's going to be stretching it a lot.

100_8424 100_8425

Now, pull the two fleece ends to cover elastic, fold in the raw edge if you want, and center the seam on the flat elastic (rather than having the seam at the edge of the elastic). Sew across elastic to hold in place and close strip. Adjust seam to be along center of elastic (so that ears stick up rather than lie against the head).


Try it on!


My daughter has really silky fine hair, so for most, the piece of elastic may not need to be so long. Her headband couldn't be too tight or it would just slip right off her head.

Thanks to the long length (and my not quite as beautifully silky hair), it also fits me! (Sorry for the weird face - I'm not so good with self portraits!)


Now we were ready to leave!

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