Thursday, February 7, 2013

Toy Weapons + sewing mom

Artillery Belt, holsters, etc...

Yeah, I know it's labelled as a boy toy, but you know the girls play with his weapons too. (And this one was made for the twins' friend - a boy turning 6 years old.)

 All of our nerf swords were killed by the bark of pine sais now take their place.

 Adjustable back over shoulder strap.

 The true house-ninja

 Can't believe it still fits him 2 years later - non-adjustable artillery belt.

still, sais in the sword pocket.

Here's the sword (2 years ago when it was in existence)

This project needed to be broken down in several posts. It's not hard, but it took a lot of different pieces, so I decided to split those into individual posts. All post together today, but links will be added between posts so that they all are connected.

dart gun holster pattern (in case my pattern doesn't fit your gun)
sword holster

The old post
(made end 2011 that wasn't so much of a tutorial as general instructions - including two holster patterns)

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