Monday, June 29, 2015

de-upholstering and re-upholstering: Chaise Lounge

Wow, this was so much harder than I expected - and confusing - and expensive.
This is probably my first and last project like this! 

I have done simple things before. In fact, I did one in under an hour earlier this week:

But this was so much more work - I so underestimated this project. 
My best resource was
I bought most of the stuff I needed from there.
They have videos (on their website and YouTube) that were so helpful.
(As were the books I got from the library and other YouTube videos.)

I bought the foam earlier on amazon.
I bought the fabric from 
(diy upholstery supply has fabric and foam too, I just went with what costed less or what I wanted in style)

These are just pictures so you can see our journey...

Then, we stored it a while so that I could research and purchase everything I needed

Then, we got to work - it took 2 full days of my husband and I working together using all of our skills and brains.

Edge Roll (Fox roll) - nice support (probably should have put a smaller size on the arms as it was hard to get staples through that later in the process!)

cotton batting (1 layer on back and arms, 2 layers on seat)
(pulled back to do arms first, then back, then seat)

(next step - dacron - already on arms)

then dacron on arms only (like quilt batting but thicker)
1 layer here, but added a 2nd layer only on top before fabric

Then foam (3")

 Turned out to be easier to "saw" with open scissors than to cut. (We didn't have ALL the correct tools since this was a one time thing - and electric kitchen knife would have worked on the foam - I've used it before, but I don't have one of those now.)

Can we be done now??

 Then dacron on the seat and back to hold down the foam all tucked in. (1 layer)

Then, started the fabric on seat and back first. (I wish we had covered everything in some thin muslin or something before the fabric b/c the dacron shredded on everything.)

Time's up for the day...until tomorrow.

Next the inner and front arms (those were tricky)! I followed the way the chair had been done the last time, but I could have done the inner and outer arms and left the front arms for last and made some cardboard covered thing to cover the staples on the front. Instead, the front is attached to the inner and all folded to the outer arm, which is stapled down at back and bottom (leave the front edge of the outer arm needed hand stitching or decorative tacks).

 The back wasn't as hard as I thought - the flexible metal tack strips with covers made it so easy.
Wish I had realized the outer arms needed something like that too and bought them for that spot also.

Dust Cover (cambric) was so easy to put on - I did that part alone

Done...mostly. (Maybe I'll add a picture of the side after I replace the stick pins with tacks) I guess it's still on my list until it's 100% finished!

One more look:

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