Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kids craft area - will it stay organized?

 I'd like to add some non-carpet mat under the craft area. I was also hoping to turn the table coming out the wall vertically, but the table was too shaky that way. (It would have fit 4 at a time instead of 2) - at least this way all the stuff attached to the wall is closer to the table.

Craft stuff that needs some effort required to get down. (hopefully this will deter it getting into the wrong hands)

Desk Area

The kids got all the old stamps my mom and I collected from the 1990s through current...which neither of us use anymore. After the kids got ink stains in the carpet right after they brought all the stamps home, I UNauthorized them until I give them a "stamp class" to learn how to properly use stamps and ink....and maybe until after I protect the carpet too!

Baskets from dollar tree - with laminated printed labels tied on with ribbon

Buckets from IKEA labeled with return address labels printed on and stuck on the inside of containers

Our "re-purpose box" (Where old cans, boxes, paper towel tubes, etc go to be used for whatever)...
There is no guarantee the craft made from these will survive more than a month!

The oldest 3 got this for Christmas a year and a half ago and barely got to use it before we packed it up to list the (previous) house, so when they kept coming into my room and using my  machine (and leaving my sewing table a complete wreck), I decided it was time to unpack theirs and set it up officially. Not the most comfortable table...but we'll work on that. I haven't found anything I like yet for their sewing table.

And some (dollar tree) hooks on a nearby attic access door for aprons.

I really hope they keep it organized. And if they don't, I'll just take away the things that are most messy. One more look...

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