Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crown Pattern

Our original crowns (for my older two) look like this:
I made these crowns because I was tired of my daughter's plastic crowns breaking and my son wanted a king crown (like you can find those!), so I made them these, using the instructions as a guide. (I used fusible fleece to make them...which my fabric store no longer carries!)

Now, my twins want crowns! These instructions focus mostly on how I made my pattern, since the pattern, I think is the trickiest part to make in this project. (I did list basic instructions on how to put it together, but they're very similar to the original instructions I used the first time I made crown.)
This time, I didn't want to deal with making the triangles lie flat at the peaks and valleys...but I decided the square (castle tower top) design would be too many turns, so I am attempting a Princess Aurora style (up to a central peak, then back down).
Sketch out what you want.
Measure the head. (18.5" or 19"?- round to 20" for growing room) This is your bottom line measurement. I chose 2 1/2 inches for the height (at the back sides). And I chose 4" for the middle peak height.
I taped together two 12x12 pieces of white cardstock (scrapbook pile).
Draw bottom line (20", will be 21" after seams added...plus extensions later)IMG_0270
Drawing 4" high line, centered on bottom line
Use a string to shape curve from center peak to one side.
When you're happy with the look, draw along string (very carefully!)
IMG_0279 IMG_0280
Add 1/2" along entire bottom line. Add 1/2 inch along the half-curve drawn and side for seams.
*if you have enough paper, you can extend the side of crown an inch or two for overlap in the back
*if not, just tape more paper to the end later
Cut along the bottom, side, and curve. Make crease on center (peak of crown) line. (A mechanical pencil with the lead retracted works well; use a ruler to trace along line.)
Fold this half of crown pattern towards other (undrawn) half.
Trace pattern. Cut out.
If your paper wasn't wide enough (like mine), cut 2 rectangles - the height of the crown at back (for me 2.5+0.5+0.5=3.5 inches high) and 2" wide. Tape to each end (overlapping paper 1/2").
Now, you have your pattern.

Pictures from here may not be necessary, but I might add some later.
Directions for Construction (pretty much the same as the original):
Cut out two pattern pieces from fabric and 1 from interfacing, fusible fleece, or other stiffening material.
Layer: fabric (right side up), fabric (right side down), interfacing.
Starting an inch away from one edge at bottom of crown, sew toward closer edge, up side, across top, down other side, and an inch along bottom (leaving rest of bottom open).
clip corners and turn right side out. Press.
Turn bottom edges in, and topstitch along bottom edge.
Fit around child's head (if possible),overlapping ends at back. Mark where overlap should meet. Either sew back pieces together, or sew on velcro strips to make adjustable.
Decorate however you like. (We'll probably use fake jewels again.)

Another cute idea:
A dowel with ribbons glued to one end, and then covered in fabric makes a cute 'magic wand' for a fairy princess.
A dowel stuck through a styrofoam ball, and then the whole thing covered in matching fabric (to crown) makes a nice sceptor for a king or queen.

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