Monday, October 11, 2010

Child’s Apron

My girls all have aprons (at least the three that can walk), but my son had none and wanted one for art class at school. I’d been meaning to make him one for a while (like a couple years or so)…yes, my project back log is several years. :)
So, when he asked himself, I bumped up his project to the top of the list (not like it took me that long anyways) -
I didn’t photograph this thing step by step (b/c I just wanted to get it done and move on to the next thing on my list – I’m having a self-inflicted project overload week).
but…I am posting my cutting layout and instructions. If you want to make it and can’t figure it out…well, too bad. (just kidding, i can post photo instructions if anyone ever checks this blog and asks for them)
Where my measurements came from, in case you want to make your own tailored to your kid:
I measured across his chest (9”) and down as long as I wanted this to go (25” to the knees). Then, across his knees to the width I wanted at the bottom (18”). Lastly, I measured around his neck to the two edges of the apron top (16” – this is for the elastic measurement); and around his waist-ish to where I wanted the waist strap to go (17-18”)…and added about 8-10 inches for lots of growing (and apron sharing) room – got about 25-28”. Everything got an extra inch since I do 1/2” seam allowances…except the neck strap – b/c I wanted 1/4” seams.
The length of the neck strap was determined by taking my piece of elastic (cut to the measurement I wanted the strap to be) and stretching it as far as it could go. This stretched measurement is the 30” I cut the strip of fabric to be.

I folded the fabric in half (selvage to selvage) and in half again (same direction), then cut a 26” length of fabric.
Starting at one end, I measured (from the fold) 5” and make a mark. At the other cut end, I measured 9 1/2” from the fold. Then, I connected these marks and cut along them. when unfolded, I had two trapezoid shaped pieces. the rest of the fabric was for the neck strap (2” wide piece) and waist strap (4” wide piece).
I made the neck strap by folding in half lengthwise and sewing a 1/4” seam. After flipping it (I use the safety pin method), I inserted the length of elastic, sewing across the ends to hold the end of the elastic at each end of the strap.

The waist strap I made in the same way, except, I sewed on some soft velcro to the outside. (In hind sight, I’d have sewn it after flipping the piece right side out, but I sewed the velcro on first, then made the strap, so I have a seam running on the side opposite the velcro –yeah, the side of the strap everyone sees)…not worth seam ripping.

The pocket was made (this is probably obvious), by sewing two scraps right side together on three sides, flipping, and then sewing the open side shut.
The pocket and both straps were sewn to the front of the apron (which I also embroidered at the top). The two apron pieces were sewn right sides together, leaving a hole for turning on one side….flipped, (should have pressed, but didn’t want to heat up the iron), and top stitched around all edges, closing my “hole” first.

Now, you may ask,
Well, I shared it b/c for a while I couldn’t think of a way to make an apron that my kids could put on themselves – I have to tie it in the back at the very least, if not adjust the neck strap too – or let the neck hang low (like mine does…hate that) -
So my solutions:
Put some elastic into the neck strap so that it stretches to fit over the head, but then is short enough when unstretched so that the apron is actually high enough to protect his shirt.
seth apron - neck strap
Make the tie not a tie closure – most of my kids can pull a strap around to the front and everyone can do velcro! – put the closure in the front…

Now, I want to make the girls aprons too…oh, wait…let’s finish the other projects that are more pressing  - like halloween. :)

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