Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lunch Box Tags

From past experience, I know that things dropped off at the front office at school either need a tag/label whose it is and where it's supposed to go (they'll write it down, but will it stay together? will it get delivered?)

I have had things not delivered before I had to go and pick up later (after I went to the trouble to drop it off...and then I had to pay for the lunch they gave him because the lunch box never got delivered...grr)

Anyways - I don't trust them to get it to them without a label and I don't like to write it down over and over again (I've had 2 in school for a few years, so I just knew having 4 in school last year would double my "I forgot" drop offs!)

Yes, they should remember, but they don't sometimes. 
And we have rules/organization to help them remember, but we all forget things sometimes - call my cell sometime - probably won't answer because I probably left it at home...again.

Like these?
Me too - I made more for this year - here's how...

They're easy to make. You need:
cardstock (or poster board or piece of cereal box...or anything with some weight to it)
clear packaging tape
velcro or snap
hole puncher

I printed mine on cardstock. They survived the year. (I might make my son's out of posterboard...his looked a little rough...but doesn't everything of his?)

You could write it on paper and glue it to a cardboard rectangle cut out from a cereal box if you don't have heavy paper.

Punch a hole in the corner.

Cover with clear packaging tape (front/back/ all around). Re-punch hole through same place. (It's just hard to punch it through once, so I do it before I tape it, but you may not need to.)

Thread ribbon through the hole. (Yes, before you add snap/velcro.) Cut, leaving enough length on each end to put on snap/velcro.

Attach snap to each end. 

(I have kamsnaps - love them! and snap pliers, but you could sew on velcro if you don't have that or use a metal snap...anything that can attach and unattach - assuming you want to take this off.)


*Alternately, you could just sew the ribbon ends together if you wanted it permanent. We didn't. (The kids didn't.)

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