Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2013 - controlling the afternoon hurricane

Last year I nearly went into shock when I went from 2 kids in school to 4 kids in school.
(Yes, I had twins enter kindergarten.)

With 1 left at home, I thought life *might* be easier...but didn't expect it.
It wasn't. I was different and nice for her, but not easier....

Because every afternoon around 3pm the HURRICANE of papers and hungry whiny gripes came through the door. Then, as the madness settled, I would find a paper that didn't clearly say which class (or even grade) it pertained too. OR I would get 4 of the same sheet to fill out, someone wouldn't hand theirs to me and later after the other 3 had turned in papers, I would find a blank sheet and no one could remember who the blank paper belonged to. Plus various other paper confusions...

Well, this year I'm ready!
I saw some filing system on pinterest (didn't bother to pin it and didn't bother to try to find it again) - I just put together from last year's disorganized memories what I would need....I think!

I'm hoping to teach them to file it as the pull it from their folders, then I can work on one child's papers at a time once they're into their homework and the 3-year-old bottomless pit has a snack for entertainment.

So far, so good - and I have a place to those "hold on to for a while" papers - rather than a pile by the computer with the bills, etc.

Hoping for an organized year...

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