Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Preschool (Dice) Math Games - post #1

I love MATH!
I love my kids.
I like games...

Put them together, and you've got endless possibilities.

Today's game #1:
Roll a dice (10 sided - purchased at educational store locally)
 (this version practices number recognition)

We played a second time using large dice from Dollar Tree (came in a two pack)
(This practices 1-to-1 counting of both dots and fuzzies)

Then, (whichever dice you used) count out the number rolled from the pile of fuzzies (also from Dollar Tree)

At the end of the game, line up fuzzies of both players (1-to-1) and compare who has the longer line.
(The person with the most fuzzies wins.)

Game #2:
Sort fuzzies into piles by color. 
(If you have more colors than 6, leave out extras or group into similar colors.)

Each pile represents a number 1-6.
When you roll that number, take a fuzzy from that pile.
The person who gets 1 of each color first wins!

(This can mean 1 fuzzy from each pile regardless of color variations within each pile - 
or 1 of each color, including multiple colors within each pile - whichever is easier for your child to understand)

I won the first game.

 She won the second time playing game 1. 

And I won the second game...although I downplayed that since it was approaching naptime. 

Regardless of who wins in our house (and no, the youngest does not always get to win - good sportsmanship is important to learn early) - we all get to finish the game's objective (at least in preschool games).

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