Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Holster for PVC sword

I found this post drafted from earlier this year...probably late summer and I never posted it because I didn't have a picture of it in use...I'll add that later (maybe), but a pattern could be helpful to someone for Halloween so I'll get this posted in case someone wants to use it.

I wanted to make holsters for the PVC swords our cub scouts made a camp. But I couldn't go about my usual craftiness because THEY had to make them (I could prep them a lot) and there was no way a sewing machine was going out to scout camp...and we'd have NEVER finished! :)

So, this is what I came up with...
[picture of finished product to be added later!] :)

Pattern looks like this:  (click for a link to a 4 page pdf scaled to size)

For the fabric, I used vinyl (looked like leather enough) on the clearance table.
Cut it out... (just one - I was making a bunch)
Be sure to fold it and think about which way it needs to go for left handed vs. right handed.

If you have this kind of tool, it makes the hole punching much easier, but you could use a knife or something else more dangerous. :)

On the pattern, I have an extra set of holes I didn't like, so I X-ed it out. You don't have to follow the hole placement at all if you don't want, it's just to be helpful.

Then just start threading.
I used a suede cording. I used about 1 yard of cord for each holster.
Star by going through the bottom two holes 

(1 layer at a time is easiest)

Then, cross over to the next up diagonally up.
It's easiest to start with the cord nearest the edge and go to the hole farthest from the edge (doing both layers), then do the farther cording to the nearer-to-edge hole.
(That way you're not in your own way.)

This is what it looks like on the opposite side.

It was a really easy (and inexpensive) project. And of the 3 groups, only 1 had trouble, and it was not the youngest (8 year olds). One of my 6 year olds, the more crafty one made one for her PVC sword with ease. My other 6 year old, the less coordinated one (many talents, but not motor-skill-heavy talents!), had a few meltdowns, so her twin finished it for her later as a surprise.

For the top, I just had two slits cut to thread a rope through (we were going no-sew and medieval themed). You could use an old belt, a piece of fabric, a scarf, or whatever else will wrap around your waist with room left to tie and fit through slits (about 1 1/2" in size).

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