Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween 2013

Another fall has come - and with fall comes the season of sewing with my children the customer.
They made their requests and I got to planning and sewing - one post per child's costume coming up this week! (I know, probably a little late for helping anyone this year but maybe something to help out with one last piece you're working on - or maybe inspiration for next year...)
 From left to right:
Caped-masked-something (medieval spy?), Iron Lady, Tooth Fairy, Sand man
and in front:
Tinkerbell, Glenda the Good witch (new version from Oz the Great and Powerful), Cinderella Ballerina

My husband and I get the least of my creativity since I'm out of time after I've finished the kids' each year...

Sandman is just wearing a robe and a sleep cap I made that same day (3 feet long starting at 25" and tapering to a point.) I need to loosen the elastic in the casing.

Other than the fluffy skirt I borrowed from a friend, the tooth wand I borrowed from my 6 year olds, and the wings from the Dollar Tree, I just sewed a little bag and tied a ribbon around it and pinned it to my skirt. Inside is tooth fairy money (also from the Dollar Tree) - I love that it's big because to a fairy a penny would be about that size, right? :)

Stay posted this week for the kids' costumes how I put them together...

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